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🚀 B8ta, Robots and Visual Search

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🚀 B8ta, Robots and Visual Search
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Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox

Yes, Silicon Valley has the power to create a leader in Retail. But it’s not enough…
The company’s stores let shoppers discover, experience and buy all of the most innovative new products from creators all over the world. It’s like being plugged into all of the best start-ups, Kickstarters and innovators and getting to play with all their ideas. No one did this before, at scale. But the company doesn’t see itself as a store brand, but a retail service platform to help its partners create amazing physical retail experiences. Why is that?!
How did retail service platform b8ta unexpectedly become globally known for its stores? | Insider Trends
Alibaba enters hotel management market through robotics powered by AI-voice, and tries again to conquer space !
Alibaba group launched a commercial robot known as the “Space egg”: a robot waitor/waitress designed to deliver items to hotel customers. Made of aluminum casing that covers a set of wheels, using camera and lasers to navigate, space egg is 1 meter high and runs at 1m/s. Powered by AI assistant “Tmall génie” smart speakers (Alexa-like) guests just using voice commands to order food, drinks, and other items provided by hotel, which are then delivered to the room by space egg.
Thanks to robot efficiency, the gap between guests’ needs and the response time they expect will be filled! According to Alibaba AI labs, ambition is to become the ultimate assistant for hotel guests who want everything quickly and conveniently at their fingertips. Already active in one hotel in Hangzhou from last week. 
Space egg is a funny name considering Alibaba has also just announced a new plan to conquer Space, in order to build its own communication tech base & IoT starting with 2 privately-owned satellites “Candy Tin” and “Tmall International” !
Alibaba enters hotel management market through robotics powered by AI-voice, and try again to conquer space !
Avec Space Egg, Alibaba se lance sur le marché des robots de service
With development of machine learning and Saas computer vision capabilities, it becomes quite easy nowadays for any smartphone user to get access to image recognition.
It is built in the new flagship Google smartphone : the Pixel 3 and can be easily put in retailers apps.
A picture is worth a thousand words
And this feature makes great sense in many use cases, as it’s often hard for users to explain clearly their needs.
Visual search is gaining popularity and retailers should embrace it on their own sites and apps but also on the emerging platforms like Pinterest and Instagram who are competing in this new field of search.
Be ready for the next search revolution, right in your camera !
'Retailers have to be ready for it': Visual search sits on the brink of a breakthrough - Digiday
Ze Tweet
Jeff Bezos
Amazon just won The American Foundation for the Blind’s Helen Keller award! Huge kudos to the whole team on working so hard to make our products accessible to the vision impaired! @afb1921
4:21 PM - 23 Oct 2018
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