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Brick and Mortar, Blockchain and quantum computing as a service 🚀

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Brick and Mortar, Blockchain and quantum computing as a service 🚀
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Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox

Amazon continues its brick and mortar’s roadmap in the US. Be ready Europe!
Amazon is opening a general store in New York City that will sell toys, household goods and a range of other products highly rated on its website, marking its latest push into brick-and-mortar retail.  Drawing on its wealth of customer data, Amazon has stocked the store with its best sellers as well as products popular with New Yorkers. The shop, known as Amazon 4-star, will let customers play with Echo speakers, Kindle e-readers and other devices made by the company. It will also sell books, games and kitchenware. 

                Amazon turns to toys, home goods in latest brick-and-mortar trial | Reuters
Alibaba’s payment division Alipay is entering blockchain market by offering free BAAS (blockchain as a service) platform to developers.
Many Chinese & Foreign listed companies have announced ambitious plans to develop blockchain applications since a while. However the cryptocurrency market plummeted and a very small portion of those companies actually delivered what they said they would do.
One of the reasons is because developing functional blockchain based applications requires a lot of knowledge and iteration processes big corporations are not fit with, as well as a loyal talent pool an not ever changing law frame. But start-ups do great at working in such conditions!
And Alibaba is willing to benefit of that trend by offering an easy to use BAAS toolbox for developers. Launched together with an enterprise-focused “ant blockchain partner program” that will reportedly enable small- and medium-scale businesses to implement and innovate new blockchain solutions, this smart move will influence greatly the methods, content and orientations of developers using the platform. Thus giving Alibaba an commercial advantage in blockchain scaling business? future will tell.
Alibaba’s Ant Financial To Launch Blockchain BaaS Service Platform – China Money Network
AI, Blockchain, computer vision… the next revolution is only rising since a few years but we also have to look at the next wave, which may be bigger than the actual one.
Quantum computing might be one of these waves that will completely reshape the industry in the next decades.
In short, quantum computing is using quantum physical states. On traditional computer, data is stored in bits that can only be 0 or 1, in quantum computing, each bit, called qubits, can be in superposition of states, which decuplates its capacity. It is still very experimental and should not be in the market soon.
Some players don’t want to wait that long and a Berkeley based startup named Rigetti already starts to sell quantum computing capacities linked with traditional datacenters. For now, quantum computing’s biggest problems is that it still produces errors. Nevertheless, Rigetti bets on the fact that these errors can be fixed by traditional computers and that the addition of quantum and traditional will be faster than if the process was done only on traditional computers.
Only time will tell if this specific project is only a buzz but one certain thing is that sometime sooner or later quantum computing will be the norm.
Quantum computing is almost ready for business, says Rigetti
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