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Cannabis, stock price in China and mobility 🌿📉🚙

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Cannabis, stock price in China and mobility 🌿📉🚙
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Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox

Walmart Canada exploring possible sale of cannabis-based products
Yes, I know what you think. No, you don’t know what that means. Walmart is a company founded by members of the Walton family, of a Presbyterian faith, still in charge of a business that represent the biggest employer of the world (2.3 millions associates), 11.700 stores in 28 countries. Walmart is the first major retailer to show an interest in being a part of Canada’s burgeoning marijuana industry, as other big U.S. companies, mainly in the alcohol and beverage industries, begin to consider entering the market for cannabis-infused products. Which product it would concern? Cannabidiol or CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana that does not cause intoxication, used in some medical case as a therapeutic remedy. Anyways, it’s just exploring, and in Canada. But quand même…

                Walmart Canada exploring possible sale of cannabis-based products | Reuters
Alibaba’s stock hits 1year-week low amid trade war And law restrictions as does Tencent 15 month low
What happened: Alibaba’s stock hit a 52-week low of $146.73 per share. The company has seen a significant drop in share value since its high point earlier this year. The going rate of $211.70 also marked a record for the company. In just a few months that price has dropped over 30%.
Alibaba is far from the only Chinese tech company suffering from a sagging stock price. Just two days ago, soon after announcing a large-scale company restructure, Tencent shares hit a 15-month low. Both companies’ dips in value are likely symptoms of China’s slowing economy as well as escalating trade tensions with the US, which are hitting supply chain-dependent tech companies especially hard. But despite the apparent downturn in fortune, US analysts remain fairly positive about Alibaba’s future. 
Interesting move in the mobility world : Waze just launched its ride-sharing app, Waze Carpool, in the whole US territory.
In test since 2016 in the Bay Area, Waze carpool is aimed to facilitate ride-sharing for all commute rides.
How does it work ? Waze already knows your private and your work address, as well as at what time you go to work. With its massive database, it will match people and propose to share rides. For the moment, Waze won’t take a fee on the transaction but doesn’t exclude it.
In the times where more and more cities find out that services like Uber or Lyft have increased traffic by getting more and more people use a car instead of public transport, Waze claims that it won’t put more cars on the roads as people who will offer rides would anyway use their cars.
We’ll soon see if it’s a commercial success and if it has real impact on traffic in major US cities, and maybe see it in Europe in the near future.
Google’s Waze is making a big, nationwide bet on carpooling - The Verge
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