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Facebook back in China ? 🤔

+ Kroger in delivery + Blockchain : Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from
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Facebook back in China ? 🤔
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+ Kroger in delivery + Blockchain : Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox

How fast can you deliver at home? 2 hours? 2 days? 2 weeks?
Ship by Kroger
Ship by Kroger
As the battle for market share in online grocery continues, Kroger is ramping up its own delivery service. The retailer (2,800 locations, 440,000 associates, revenue of $123 billions) is launching a delivery service called Kroger Ship in four cities – Cincinnati, Houston, Louisville and Nashville – to take on Walmart, Target and Amazon. It has plans to roll out to additional markets later this year. The service gives customers access to 4,500 products not found elsewhere on the company’s website, as well as to about 50,000 groceries and household products. So far this year, shares of Kroger are up about 5% (but that’s another story).
Kroger to Launch Grocery Delivery Service  - WSJ
Facebook is also trying to get back to China !
After only a few weeks Google announced his return to China land with Tencent’s help, guess who’s back ?! Facebook of course… And guess in which town ?! Hangzhou indeed, the stronghold of well-known Alibaba group.
Facebook has been banned from China from July 2009, similar timing than the one reserved to Google. Even being officially excluded from China doesn’t mean that market doesn’t generate revenues for Facebook, they amount to 5 Billion USD, so they are well worth a little investment of 30M USD backed up by Jack Ma’s city thrilling environment to source talents and fostering innovation. Coming for R&D to China is a growing trend here, and what strikes me is that California tech giants move to China is precisely where the two Chinese tech giants Alibaba and Tencent are headquartered. No coincidence here, it’s just obvious reason.
But as everything is never so simple on Chinese market, Beijing federal authorities have just suspended the project of Facebook coming to Hangzhou and forced them to remove the announcement the day after it was made…Hangzhou city has forgotten they have a higher power above them? Facebook has tried to bypass Beijing process to a more friendly provincial environment in Zhejiang forgetting Beijing could still veto their move ?
My only question is now , which US big tech players will try to come to China next ?!
Facebook Sets Up Subsidiary In Hangzhou To Make Inroads In China – China Money Network
It didn’t take long for the new blockchain based service Augur to be hijacked.
The open source platform offers the possibility to bet on every kind of event to occur or not based on the Ethereum capabilities to build Smart Contracts.
Just a few days after its launch, a bet has been put on the platform : “Will Donald Trump ( President of The USA) be killed at any point during 2018”.
And what matters here is that it can quickly lead to an assassination market, as soon as sufficient people can gain money - or here tokens - if that event occurs…
This is kind of anecdotic but in fact it shows two things : first, blockchain’s purpose is to decentralize and, well, it works ! It seems really hard to put that bet outside of Augur. And even if it’s possible, as it is an open source project, anyone can fork it and rebuild it in minutes.
Second, blockchain is rather new, and it has to find its way and best use cases. It usually starts with sex / crime (human nature ?) but then goes to more mature, interesting matters and it starts to bring real value.
Augur protocol leads to Ethereum-based 'assassination market'
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"Making a purchase is about something bigger than consumption, it’s about memory and connection." Sam Alston - founder of Big Lives, an #experiential retail platform that is reimagining the traditional #bricksandmortar via @forbes #futureofretail
3:01 PM - 30 Jul 2018
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