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Goal #23

Walmart in the US / Walmart in India / Smallest convenient Store / Food Waste Ze Skylight (en pleine
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Goal #23
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Walmart in the US / Walmart in India / Smallest convenient Store / Food Waste
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Walmart launches baby line with Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard
I had the pleasure to meet with Hap Klop, former CEO of The North Face, who is now investors with new brands in sport, food and beverage categories. He thinks that the adoption (not necessarily creation) of news brands is a necessity for successful Retailers in a new world of consummation, reasons why he’s interested in this area. Speaking about brands and Retailers… Walmart just launched “Hello Bello,” an exclusive line of plant-derived baby products developed by husband-and-wife duo Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, who are parents themselves.
Walmart launches baby line with Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard | Retail Dive
How we should understand the last acquisition from Walmart in India?
Walmart has acquired Dataturks, an indian startup that enable data annotations made easy.
This investment shows that Walmart continues to shop in the indian tech scene besides the latests FDI rules that could have frightened some of the multi brand foreigners retailers. Indeed, this is the third acquisition for Walmart in the last 6 months.
The investment has been operated by Walmart Labs, an entity that wants to leverage machine learning capabilities food content enhancement. Beyond that, they want to recruit more tech teams, including data science, product management and also design aspects.
Also noticeable : Walmart is going to hire 1000 people this year in India, and the plan is to reach around 50 % of the total technology work force in the next 3 to 4 years. The reason is obvious: quality of the team VS good cost competitivity.
Walmart Labs acquihires ex-Flipsters' venture Dataturks
#Retail in Mobility
Drive Cargo invents the mobile convenient store
The best ideas are often the simplest ones. Just have a look to Drive Cargo. The New York based startup has brilliantly taken advantage of the rideshare’s travel time by creating a vending machine for Uber and Lyft passengers. In a nutshell, a Cargo Box  full of snacks and convenience supplies (free and paid items) is sent to the rideshare drivers who can earn money by being paid for whatever is sold or given away through the Cargo Box. The box easily straps onto the center console of the car. The passenger purchases an item from the Cargo Box by entering the Box ID on the Drive Cargo website. It takes about 20 seconds to complete a purchase, no app downloaded! A great service for passengers, drivers and even for the companies which can find a new way to grow their brand awareness.
#Food Waste
Pen and paper to reduce food waste in restaurants
Things are moving fast in the food industry, even in a less sexy space : food waste. In France, we know initiatives like Too Good To Go, dedicated to sell products from restaurants or grocery stores that will come short to date soon.
What’s interesting in this article is that it shows that tech solutions are not necessarily the more efficients : the first need is that co-workers realize that they waste a lot of food and then pen and paper can be very effective.
The first key point is to be able to measure food waste and then find solutions within an engaged staff. The study also points that restaurants need a rather low investment on that matter and that the ROI is really good, for the wallet and the planet. It also can’t hurt the restaurant’s reputation !
Restaurants Can Earn $7 for Every $1 They Invest in Fighting Food Waste - new report - AgFunderNews
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Erin Brewster
After just 5 months of operation, Jump bikes are generating more trips than Uber in Sacramento.
11:48 PM - 25 Feb 2019
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