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Innovation and food 🍌☕️🥦

Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks
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Innovation and food 🍌☕️🥦
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Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox

The Banana Manifesto
Banana rainbow, by e-Mart
Banana rainbow, by e-Mart
I could not resist for this newsletter to make an exception of speaking about something related to the US, but mention this time an initiative coming from Asia. The Korean retailer e-Mart sells packs of 6 individual bananas, each one in progressive states of ripeness. One knock on this, of course, is that bananas come in natural packaging, so this does use extra plastic. This is powerful because it shows that maybe you cannot disrupt everything in a business, but at least you can innovate. But most of all, innovate is not about technology, or digitalization. Innovate is an attitude, mostly based on observation (and datas, if you got some to analyse with machine learning techniques, right?!), and attention to customers requests and interests.
South Korea's E-Mart launches bananas at different ripeness levels | Daily Mail Online
Tencent is entering O2O coffee market to take Starbucks off its comfort zone !
Tencent has signed a strategic partnership agreement with local Chinee chain Luckin Coffee and the tie-up will explore robotic delivery of orders as well as payments using facial recognition. Tencent`s WeChat payment system will be used at Luckin stores and orders online and traffic targeted to the right users.
Luckin and Tencent said they would collaborate in building “smart cafés” and use artificial intelligence applications to facilitate Luckin’s operations. 
Funny is that announcement comes a month after the Starbucks-Alibaba alliance to “transform the coffee experience in China.”
As new comer to China’s coffee market, Luckin launched in May 2017 has since opened 1,003 stores in 13 cities, and sold over 26 million cups of coffee. It recently accused Starbucks of trying to monopolize the China market by forcing suppliers to choose between the two chains. 
Coffee market is now also a battlefield for China tech giants! What’s next ?!
Tencent reportedly partners Luckin Coffee to take China coffee market
An interesting point of view about urban farming
Things are moving fast in the foodtech ecosystem. We can see a rush around cultured meat, cellular agriculture and other new ways to produce food to eventually be able to feed our whole population in the next decade.
In the article above, the author tries to explain why he thinks that vertical farming is not the right solution when you talk about urban farming : nowadays, it seems to use much more energy than other types of urban farming like rooftop hydroponic farming (like Gotham Greens, our sister company Creadev recently invested in in the US).
Vertical farming might be a solution in the future, but nowadays, we have plenty of flat roofs waiting to be used. When you try to innovate, you need to find the right balance between what you produce and the ressources that you use and always have an eye on the ROI of your project.
Food security: vertical farming sounds fantastic until you consider its energy use
Ze Tweet - Breathe... 😷
Hans Eric Melin
Had breakfast by one of the busier streets in Shenzhen this morning. Did a quick survey. During 20 min 90% of the buses were electric, 70% of the taxis and about 5-10% of the private cars. And 100% of the scooters are battery-powered. That certainly makes breakfast more pleasant.
7:03 PM - 9 Sep 2018
Things are moving fast in China and some myths are falling down when you live it ! Contact Alexis if you need to go deeper !
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