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Pop-up stores in containers 🛍️

+ Alibaba in Turkey + Machine learning tools + Darty in the 90's : Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) :
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Pop-up stores in containers 🛍️
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+ Alibaba in Turkey + Machine learning tools + Darty in the 90’s : Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox

ShelfX is looking for companies to try out its new pop-up store concept, which is based on retrofitted shipping containers.
Shipping containers, originally designed for transporting goods, appear to be about to find yet another new application in our cities. Following on from adaptations in the hotel and tourism industries and also as space for accommodating companies, the automatic food and drink vending business is the latest sector to find a novel use for these huge metal cases. The concept that Boulder, Colorado-based ShelfX has come up with is based on retrofitted containers with sliding doors that open when a customer swipes his/her credit or debit card in the slot or uses a special app. ShelfX started out selling unattended refrigerated retailing machines back in 2011. Unlike traditional vending machines, the customer actually unlocks the automated food kiosk with a bank card or – a recent addition – via mobile payments service Venmo and the payment goes through when s/he shuts the door again. This also enables the customer to read nutritional information on the items that s/he is interested in and to purchase several items in the same transaction. A remote monitoring system enables inventory management for re-stocking purposes. With the shipping container version, ShelfX offers six fridge units and two freezer compartments, plus a coffee machine, in a single space. The company has already won over customers among hospitals, universities, transport centres such as railway stations and airports and even golf clubs, in 18 countries, and is now bidding to be the solution of choice for communities that do not currently have a grocery store or for people attending open-air sports events. The idea is to provide those consumers with a food retail outlet open 24/7, without the need for any checkout staff.
ShelfX Brings Self-Service Payments To Coolers |
Alibaba extends its e-commerce empire to Turkey
Alibaba group is keeping high pace into investing in and out of China. Last in line , Turkish B2C mobile e-commerce platform Trendyol , founded in 2010 and having 16 millions active customers for over 2000 registered sellers. Now valuated at 750M USD, that transaction is also the biggest financial deal in Turkish internet industry ever. Very well located on the new silk road (aka OBOR policy strongly supported by Chinese government), Turkish e-commerce market is very promising with a tech savvy population but only 3,5% of purchase made online, this explains easy why local e-commerce market has seen growth in value of 35% in 2017.
After making acquisitions or buying stake in South East Asia (Lazada), India (BigBasket), then Pakistan (Daraz), and now Turkey Alibaba has built a direct corridor to access Europe market. And the beast looks still hungry, so I wonder which European-based targets are now assessing Alibaba investment team. Since their logistics HQ is being built in Liege, Belgium to operate from 2020, I’m sure the shopping spree will invade Europe soon. Let’s get ready to witness Jack Ma’s vision come true right in front of our eyes !
Alibaba Bought Stake In Turkish E-commerce Platform Trendyol At $750M Valuation – China Money Network
Salesforce just outsourced TransmogrifAI, a machine learning platform powering its AI product Einstein.
It’s quite a bold move in the machine learning ecosystem as it will enable data scientists to extract more easily data from structured databases, identify problems and offer corrections, enabling data scientists to get training datasets more easily and focus on their job.
Basically, it transforms raw datasets into custom models by selecting the right features in each row. Then it transforms structured data into vectors, building links between each information. It can eventually start training itself and building a model from its datas.
This tool is another brick of products that can facilitate the use of AI and machine learning in various projects, just a day after Oracle outsourced GraphPipe, another machine learning tool, making it easy for many type of teams to get in the ring of AI-powered business.
Salesforce open-sources TransmogrifAI, the machine learning library that powers Einstein | VentureBeat
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