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Ze Skylight - Goal #1

Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks
Ze Skylight
Ze Skylight - Goal #1
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Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox

Platform, a mall in Los Angeles
Platform, a mall in Los Angeles
The mall 2.0, the mall of the future exists. I saw it.
Joseph Miller and David Fishbein, two partners at Runyon, a full service real estate company based in Los Angeles and San Francisco, came together envisioning a new innovative destination taking advantage of Los Angeles’ urban scene with interesting merchants, designers, and eateries.
Listen to an experienced Retail executive coming from Europe trying to guess the revenue of stores in the US: he’s always short of dozens of millions. Who could say that this e-commerce company would make a revenue of $25 millions selling sheets ands other bedding products after 4 years of experience? So what?! My point is that size don’t matter anymore, because the majority of the business and the potential growth is made online. The ROI on gigantic project is nowadays a big risk in terms of capital engaged, and investigating downtown projects in mass (the US is the place for that) might be a new way to build successful square foot and help to develop the new shopping experiences consumers and millennials are interested in. Using local brands can leverage those mini-malls and encourage experiences with new popular brands, in opposition to the traditional restrictive lease in maxi-malls.
A company like AppearHere, the Airbnb of stores, is blooming. Small is beautiful, pop-up store are growing.
Runyon works with merchants and chefs to create special retail and dining experiences. Joseph and David chose Hayden Tract, in Culver City, across the soon remodeled metro station to develop a mall like a good recipe, with a parking lot (no parking no business), creative offices, and a series of stores designed like pop-up stores with Blue Bottle, Tom Dixon, Soul Cycle, Sweet Green, Reformation and some online players looking to develop their brick and mortar presence you never heard about. But their revenue on e-commerce is where the essence is with brands like Nanushka, The Edit, Velvet by Graham and Spencer, …
This is Platform. They drew inspiration globally from neighborhoods like The Marais and Saint Germain in Paris for instance, and built the mall in the center of L.A., close to everything: light rail, highway, bike paths, etc. 
David is 31, Joseph is 34. Vive L.A.!
David Fishbein and Joseph Miller
David Fishbein and Joseph Miller
The Wechat Mini-Games or Mini-programs based games are gaining audience month after month. In less than a year the time spent per Chinese user on mini programs has increase almost ten fold, and big brands in fashion are now ready to pay millions to appear in mini-games since it’s clearly a new way to increase consumer engagement.
Wechat based mini-programs are lighter than apps so don’t need pre installation, less costly to develop for programmers (since Tencent use the simplified coding language ‘wxhtml’) and often location-enabled, so they can provide their users services recommendations, products, games and coupons according where they are ON LIVE.
It is said that Wechat mini programs embodies the premises of a Wechat OS for mobile phones where all the apps would be turn into mini-programs.
The end of Android supremacy in China is getting closer ! 
A mini-game about balls just went viral on WeChat · TechNode
Impossible Burgers spread the world !
There’s a big trend in Silicon Valley of companies trying to grow meat without animals and solve a major problem forecasted to happen : population is growing and getting wealthy, which increases meat consomption.
Well, all the people who already tried plant based burgers will be OK to say that it has nothing to compare with real meat. This was before Impossible Food burgers !
CEO Pat Brown started Impossible Foods in 2011 with the goal to bring omnivores to eat vegan, not vegan to eat better vegan food. And indeed, nowadays, the vegetarian/vegan community is rising but still is a small market and more important, they already stopped eating meat, they are not the ones to convince !
Pat and his team started to build a burger made of plants but that looks and tastes like a real meat burger. You can even see the blood coming out of the steak ! Well, when it’s not too cooked…
And all of this is not science fiction from labs with a gram of a steak costing hundreds or thousands of dollars (like Memphis Meat or Just), it’s just the right mix of various plant based ingredients (like wheat and potato protein, coconut oil, and a special ingredient to make the burger “bleed” like a standard one),  it’s live in more than 1,400 restaurants all over the US and attacking the asian market this week with a first attempt in Hong Kong, where the population eats more meat than anywhere in Asia. 
Hopefully before spreading the whole world !
The Impossible Burger Goes Global: TIME Meets Patrick Brown | Time
Ze Tweet
Emmanuel Macron
You don’t always have to follow the rules. That’s bullshit!
10:48 PM - 25 Apr 2018
That’s it for the first edition !
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