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Ze Skylight - Goal #17

Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks
Ze Skylight
Ze Skylight - Goal #17
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Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox

Walmart Displaces Apple As The Nation’s Third-Biggest Online Retailer By Being More Appleish
Walmart store. Could be anywhere.
Walmart store. Could be anywhere.
  • Walmart has eclipsed Apple as the No. 3 online retailer in the U.S. Amazon is still number 1 followed by eBay, Home Depot is number 5.). The bigger threat in Retail is not Amazon. It’s the inefficiency of Retailers to adjust their “industrial ressources” and adjust it to today’s technology and customers expectations. Walmart has invested a lot the past years (and not just the past 3 years, whatever some French specialists could say). Walmart tried a lot of things in terms of corporate innovation and corporate venture mostly. It seems that some positive results on the e-commerce side finally, “avec la manière” as we say in French sport language tradition. And Walmart has a skilled team of e-commerce specialists, working on more pragmatic stuff than “digital transformation”.
Aliexpress to open offline retail corners into Spanish n°1 retailer
Alibaba’s B2C marketplace for countries outside of China called Aliexpress is making a bold move onto Europe offline retail market. Not only Aliexpress is well established online in Europe (Aliexpress is ranking N°1 B2C marketplace in 8 European countries i.e. Holland, Russia or Poland), but it is moving fast with commercial partnerships in South Europe market with El Cortes Ingles (turnover 18B USD). In substance the deal is support me into opening brick and mortar shop in shop and in exchange I will give you visibility on my Chinese B2C marketplaces such as Tmall. Without capital links it could only be a win win commercial agreement. Following recent Suning (Alibaba consumer electronics brand) shop in shop opening in Chinese hypermarket such as Auchan, the trend is definitely crossing border now! 
El Corte Inglés and Alibaba Group partner to develop global digital retail - Tamebay
When Amazon is betting even more on India!
The last deal from Amazon beyond the 9,5 % they purchased on Future Retail is clearly a bet on the future change on the Indian regulations on Retail (FDI)
Amazon is like a wise wolf salivating on the idea of eating entirely Future Retail Groupe. And for that, he is ready to wait 8 to 10 years…
Future Retail operates all food and grocery stores such as Big Bazaar, Easy Day and Nilgiris. Future Group, beyond Future Retail, controls other companies like Future Consumer, Future Lifestyle Fashions and Future Supply Chain Solutions. Almost 50% of its total sales through its retail networks now come from its own brands.
Synergy is huge because Amazon will have access to 2000 stores across 355 cities in India, 80 brands in FMCG, food and fashion. This can be a frontface presence for distributing any Amazon product across the country. Amazon can help Future Groupe to have a super strong presence on the digital front and scale his digital payments Amazon Pay with Future Pay e- wallet.
What is next for Amazon in India? We will keep you posted for sure!
Kishore Biyani: Jeff Bezos' retail deal may have a buyout clause for Kishore Biyani
Biomega debuts low-cost, low-weight electric car for city dwellers
Everybody is seeking for the ultimate solution to provide a seamless experience to customers while they want to get out of a store with their purchases.
Amazon propose its completely automatic solution and is reportedly testing it in wider stores, to be able to automate Whole Foods ultimately ?
Another solution is to let the customer do the job with its smartphone. A lot of retailers are going that way, it is quite easy, not that bad regarding the customer experience as long as you don’t have too much products but could the fear of shoplifting (how do you know if someone has paid ?) could compromise a bit the seamless experience.
Nike is going the same way Decathlon US is doing : provide your associates with the opportunity to finalize a transaction remotly and you can combine support and payment at the same time.
There is no universal solution and you have to adapt the customer journey to your market but this is definitely a topic you have to think about now !
Three Paths To Cashierless Retailing: Amazon, Nike And Saturn - Retail TouchPoints
Ze Tweet
Alexis Ohanian Sr. 🚀
Watch this Recommended Dishes section of Uber Eats. Notice how the Food matters more than the restaurant. One day that will just be made by Uber Eats and as long as it's good, you wont mind. Will change the whole restaurant landscape for any that rely on delivery/carryout.
12:34 AM - 1 Dec 2018
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