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Ze Skylight - Goal #21 - WeWork / Unicorns / Indian market

Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks
Ze Skylight
Ze Skylight - Goal #21 - WeWork / Unicorns / Indian market
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Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox.

WeWork is testing a new subscription model : where it used to charge users on a per month basis, it now offers the opportunity to book a space at the minute.
It has open in China for the moment and uses a WeChat mini app to do the job, no need to download anything else.
This opens many opportunities to attract new customers, those who don’t need a workspace full time.
This seems to be a smart move and clearly targets cafés like Starbucks as even people with a desk in a company like to spend some time outside to be more focused, meet people, simply be out of the box !
Other interesting fact : WeWork just rebranded itself The We Company, tending to prove that it doesn’t have its eyes only on the workplace facilities but aims to open new markets.
With its recent fundraising ans its valuation at more than $42 Bilions (!), it certainly have the money to do so.
WeWork Go Co-Working Space Takes On Starbucks In China
 China has seen 97 new unicorns rising in 2018 (valuation 1B$+)
According Hurun, totally 186 startups were valued over $1B in China in 2018. Tech giants dominated the list: Alipay (Alibaba’s finance & payment division) is first with worth RMB 1 trillion (about USD148 billion), followed by Bytedance’s (news app “Jinri Toutiao” & short video platform TikTok “Douyin”) with about half of that value. Didi (ride-hailing service) priced at RMB 300 billion, was third. 70% of the 24 Chinese unicorns that went public last year beat their pre-IPO valuations. Trade war with US and economic slowdown haven’t stopped top China startups from getting even bigger. Moreover, live-streaming platforms and on-demand service sector as a whole, met growth above-average rates, no matter Meituan or Xiaomi underperformed after their IPOs. In 2019, China tech sector’s value creation in China should remain strong and opportunities of concentration numerous.
China created a unicorn every 3.8 days in 2018 | South China Morning Post
Apple, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix, Google on cruisade to crack the Indian Market
China is getting more and more locked, and the impact of the commercial war with the US is an accelerator for major leading tech companies to bet more and more on India.
Many analysts say that India is today what was China 10 years ago, hence a huge potential. But major difference is that it is an open market (also the biggest democracy of the world) and it will never change. Also the growth of GDP has always been reached VS the forecast.
Nowadays, it is clearly the most promising  market of the world, but they are many traps to avoid. Not easy for any MNC to tackle.
India is the number one for WhatsApp with more than 200 millions users and Indian people are quite addicted to this service.
India is also the second market worldwide for smartphone while the growth is still spectacular compared to China where it is decreasing.
More and more smartphones are also manufactured there because of the quality and cheap pricing of the labour and also to match with the regulation in favor of product locally manufactured (less taxes).
Spotify has bet recently on India with a partnership with T-Series the Indian label.
Let’s see how it will evolves in the next couples of months.
Apple, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix, Google à l'assaut de l'Inde
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