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Ze Skylight - Goal #28 - Let's build communities !

Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks
Ze Skylight
Ze Skylight - Goal #28 - Let's build communities !
By Ze Skylight ZTP • Issue #28 • View online
Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox.

Interesting post from Fabian Pfortmüller about communities : everybody want to build engaged communities that will drive people to stores and eventually increase sales, right ?
But why do people enter a community and what is their journey when they enter the community ? How do they leave it ? What are the key moments of the community ? Do you need more real life events or can you manage it completely online ?
These are some of the questions people have to ask themselves when they are willing to grow a community and eventually build the journey instead of just trying to grow touchpoints.
Community is a journey, not a destination – Together
Back from F8, the annual Facebook conference. Many things have been announced during the conference but just one focus : number of likes is no longer a KPI and will be hidden from your feed so that people will be less stressful for users.
An increasing amount of people are starting to question their relationship with technology and the tech giants have understood that they need to take part of this shift.
Only a test, and only in Canada for now, so we’ll have to check the direction it takes.
Instagram will test hiding how many ‘likes’ your posts get so you’ll stop obsessing – BGR
Startup launcher by day / Mob lynchings by night
The many faces of WhatsApp in India.
In start-up India, WhatsApp is being increasingly used to connect with investors, customers and advisors. Through small but numerous and powerful groups, the platform is now home to self-help communities that are a hotbed of ideas. Even investors have their own groups to filter start-ups and decide which ones to fund. Many parts of rural India are also benefiting from the app’s local language support which empowers even fisherfolks, farmers and vendors to create their own business communities, creating a direct connect with their customers.
While the sun shines over WhatsApp’s successes in India, the same nation has been undergoing a drastic change in terms of religious, political and communal ideologies, a lot of this also has to do with WhatsApp. Political groups and religiously motivated people are creating multiple groups to spread their message often times, even fake news to motivate people to think according to them and act like them.
False news through WhatsApp has resulted in mob lynchings in certains part of North India and while this is certainly unfortunate, what’s clear is that communities are now as active as ever before, their new neighborhood, WhatsApp.
Ze Tweet
Phil Jeudy
A great initiative. Protect and Serve. And communicate!
9:59 PM - 6 May 2019
#LocalCommunities #LinkYourCommunities
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