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Ze Skylight - Goal #3

Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks
Ze Skylight
Ze Skylight - Goal #3
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Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox

It’s a well known fact that Retailers are never fast enough with adopting technologies to improve their operations. First of all, it’s not in their DNA, and their business model is still focusing in priority on square feet profitability. It’s also a known fact that Amazon is pushing the lines very fast in this industry on that matter. Too fast maybe? A few months ago, some warnings came from China regarding how Alibaba’s face recognition system could be helpful for the Chinese Government with tracking their citizens. Well the situation is not better in the US : same kind of technology has been developed by Amazon, and sold since 2016, including some officials offices like Police departments.
We know it’s all about data, which is the new gold in business. But there must be some limit to the opportunities found to develop a business. Amazon does not seem to care, because Amazon go. Ah!
Amazon Pushes Facial Recognition to Police. Critics See Surveillance Risk. - The New York Times
After direct most serious competitor Mobike was purchased by Meituan - a group-buying application specializing in localized consumer services, offering a selection of local restaurants, bars as well as food delivery backed by Tencent group - OFO decided to stay away from an offer from Didi.
Remaining independent from big players is indeed a very hard decision to make in such competitive environment where every startuper’s dream is to join either Alibaba or Tencent legacies. 
This bold move had impact on OFO top management, and also on their global revenue generation strategy. Mature market with new consumers hard to acquire as well as stricter rules for operating on public areas are two main issues that bike sharing companies have to face in the short term to remain profitable and maximise their value when they go for IPO.
Using bikes to promote ads or selling ads directly to users may improve profitability if hopefully it does not convey negative image of their brand. 
Maturity on bike sharing market is on its way, let’s see how far it gets !
Alibaba-backed Ofo turns down acquisition offer from Didi – KrASIA
The battle of grocery shopping will be won both off and online. And Ocado might be a good weapon for offline retailers to fill the gap with its competitors.
After several years of local growth, UK’s Ocado (founded in 2000) started to unveil its strategy last year by partnering with french group Casino in November 2017 as well as Sobeys in Canada.
Last week, it’s another big partnership that’s been announced, with US’s historic grocery retailer Kroger. And it’s not only a technologic partnership, as Kroger will take 5% of Ocado’s shares. This, by the way, makes Ocado’s valuation at the same level as Amazon compared to sales amount.
It’s all about the product, but, yes, delivery has to be well executed and retailers need strong technology to achieve this.
Kroger Ties Up With Ocado As Grocery E-Commerce Enters The Next Phase
Fan Zone is the Youtube channel of ZTP, dedicated to show retail innovations. For it’s come back, we discover Make It by Leroy Merlin, a pop up store in Paris dedicated to DIY
Fan Zone by ZTP - Episode 31 : Make It by Leroy Merlin - YouTube
Fan Zone by ZTP - Episode 31 : Make It by Leroy Merlin - YouTube
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