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Ze Skylight - Goal #30

Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks
Ze Skylight
Ze Skylight - Goal #30
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Ze Skylight (en pleine lucarne) : curation of the best links from across ZTP offices, every two weeks in your inbox.

#Food Deserts
Uber’s rival Lyft has always wanted to be more integrated in the city and in citizens life where it is established.
After a few months of test in Washington DC, they have recently opened a specific program for people living in food deserts : low income people, who have problems to get access to decent food will now be able to ride with Lyft for their grocery shopping at a low price : $2.5 the ride.
This program has been built with federal and local agencies and in partnership with local stores and will likely help people eat better while Uber could be seen as doing the exact opposite with its Uber Eats service, mostly delivering prepared (and often not healthy) food to people lying on their couch.
A new way to get people to shopping malls ?
Lyft expands grocery rides program to 15 cities | Grocery Dive
Stores of the future will combine retail and co-working space.
Merging retail and co-working is a growing trend. The benefit? Turning brick-and-mortar shops into experiential destinations. Washington DC-based company Take Care  combines a beauty shop with a wellness-oriented co-working space. In the shop, customers can purchase organic, plant-based cosmetics, receive skincare consults and take classes in topics such as sustainable living. At the same time, the back of the building has been transformed into a community workspace, called Workwell.
The new store is creating a mashup of trends for co-working, wellness and experiential retail. The co-working space includes lots of natural light, aromatherapy scents and wellness offerings such as yoga and meditation. The office space also comes equipped with an aromatherapy bar, free local coffee and meditation cushions.
My prediction: expect more bricks-and-mortar stores to come with workspace attached in the future!
Take Care - Natural & Organic Skincare & Beauty Shop
Reliance Retail set to disrupt Amazon, Walmart-Flipkart
The online retail sales in India will grow around 26 % (at a five year CAGR) to reach $85 billion by 2023. This is creating hunger from many players including Reliance that is a leader in brick and mortar retail in India already.
Reliance Retail’s upcoming entry into the Indian online retail sector is the biggest challenge for Amazon and Walmart-Flipkart.
Indeed, Reliance has some major asset on his hand.
First of all, they are the biggest retail offline player in India with 10,415 stores in more than 6,600 cities, with 500 million annual footfalls -  $81 billion in revenue and $9.4 billion in profit during 2019.
Second, they have already entered the digital space thanks to Jio, the me too of Free Telecom in France. Jio will become  India’s No. 1 telco by revenue share and customers by 2022. They have already 300 million mobile subscribers now.
Third, they are very aggressive with discounts offers which resonates well in front of the Indian consumers…
However, the War that starts will be very interesting to watch because Reliance is still not so good regarding consumer’s experience which becomes more and more important in India nowadays. 
Reliance Retail set to disrupt Amazon, Walmart-Flipkart: Report
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[retail] Amazon va lancer 10 pop-up stores au Royaume-Uni pour promouvoir les produits de ses plus petits vendeurs.
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2:32 PM - 3 Jun 2019
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